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Vide Grenier

Monday, 19. October 2009 10:01

Vide Grenier. Flea market. Literal translation is “empty attic.”

The vide grenier took place last Saturday. I had packed up the car the night before and was quite proud of myself that I had fit everything in it. Then as I was brushing my teeth to go to bed, I remembered that there was a small pile of items in the garage still that I had completely forgotten about. Drat!

Joe was able to fit a bit of that in the next morning and I was off before the sun came up to set up. I shared a table with my friend, Kavi, and Renu and Joelle had the table next to us which was perfect because we could cover each others tables so that someone could go get lunch, do some shopping, etc. Oh, and as they sold through their stuff, I was able to expand into their space!

Here’s a photo of Renu and I at the vide grenier:
Vide Grenier

I will admit that I am not really a flea market person. I have romantic notions of going to flea markets, finding that perfect, neglected item that I can fix up to be fabulous, and telling everyone my tale of how I had rescued it. In reality, flea markets start far too early for me and I’m not a good shopper anyways. I tend to pick things out and then talk myself out of them before I even get to the point of purchase.

So how the heck do I have so much stuff in my home?!?

But I digress….I didn’t sell everything, but I did get rid of more than half of what I had brought with me and I made 186 euro — not too shabby.

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Monday, 21. September 2009 12:35

Annulé. Canceled.

I spent all last week sorting items to sell in the vide grenier (literal translation is empty the attic, in this case it’s more like a flea market). I had 8-10 boxes of stuff to sell. I had bought stickers and paper to mark prices. I had found a purse that would work to handle all of the money. I had spent the whole week breaking down large bills so that I would have change to give to people.

So I was pretty bummed when they announced on Friday that the vide grenier scheduled for Saturday was canceled due to rain. Actually, it’s been postponed until October 17.

I had really been looking forward to having all of this stuff out of my house! But, on further reflection, it will probably be better to have it in October. Truth be told, I had hardly touched the kids room, and there were many things around the house that I’ll want to sell before we move but that I just couldn’t get rid of right now. When you rent a place in France, you often have to provide the light fixtures and curtains. The idea is that you can furnish the place as you like. I didn’t really want to look at bare bulbs for the next six weeks so I hadn’t taken any of the light fixtures down. If the vide grenier takes place on October 17th (no rain, please!), then I’ll try and sell all of that then.

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