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Things I Will Miss: The Cheese!

Friday, 9. October 2009 14:49

One of my favorite quotes from our visitors here in France was my friend Irene who, on describing a quick trip through the supermarket said, “…and then I saw the wall of cheese!”

The Cheese!

This photo doesn’t begin to show you how big the cheese aisle is. This shows about half of one side of the aisle, so multiply what you see here by about 4 and then you have an idea of what is displayed in the packaged cheese aisle. There is another whole section for freshly cut cheeses.

I have done a bit of exploring in this aisle and have discovered the cheeses from the Basque region — Etorki being a recent favorite. Since I do sometimes just pick a cheese at random that I haven’t tried before, I have had guests ask me what kind of cheese I am serving and is it any good. My usual response is that it is a French cheese and that I haven’t tasted any bad ones! That usually has them quickly digging in for a taste.

The reason that this photo doesn’t show more of the cheese aisle is that you’re not supposed to take photos in the stores so I was trying to be stealthy. I’m not sure of the reason for this rule, but I certainly won’t miss those types of random rules that a non-French person wouldn’t normally know about.

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Things I Will Miss: European Travel

Tuesday, 29. September 2009 21:41

I will definitely miss that we can’t just hop in the car to go to Corsica or Lyon or Barcelona for the weekend.

This weekend we’ll be taking the ferry to Corsica. It’s one of the places that we wanted to visit before we left, so off we go.

Bon weekend!

**OK, I meant to post this last Friday before we got on the ferry but didn’t in the rush to get out of the house. We had a lovely time and I’ll post pictures of our trip tomorrow.**

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Things I Will Miss: Les Oliviers

Thursday, 24. September 2009 13:57

Les oliviers. Olive trees.

I thought I’d start a little project of blogging some of the things that I will miss when we move back to the US. They won’t be in any particular order, just what I happen to be able to photograph for the day.

Les Oliviers

We live near the Mediterranean and have enjoyed the climate and food enormously these past four years. Neither one was a huge change for us, but the olive trees that cover this area are definitely not seen in the same numbers in California.

Our property alone has about 20 olive trees. I love that they are craggy and covered with ivy and moss and that they look like they have been here through the ages. I have no idea how old these trees actually are, but many have split into multiple trees and now provide secret places for the kids to play in.

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