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Friday, 21. August 2009 13:27

La canicule is upon us. Canicule means heat wave and can also be referred to as the dog days of summer, but for our area it means that the temperatures are at or above 35C (95F) during the day and don’t cool down below 20C (68F) at night. For us it’s been closer to 36C (97F) and the kids’ room has been staying around 27C (81F) at night.

Now, I grew up in Los Angeles so I am familiar with heat and had often complained that the San Francisco Bay area was just a little too cool for my taste. I don’t know if it’s the humidity here or just the lack of air conditioning, but it is flippin’ HOT here right now. Like, hard to sleep hot.

Our main mode of climate control is to open up all the windows, doors and shutters first thing in the morning to let in the cool morning air. As the sun makes its way along the house, we close all of the windows, doors and shutters to keep out the heat. Add a few fans to that mix and we usually have a decent temperature in the house. I knew we were in for trouble yesterday when I opened up the shutters only to find that it was the same temperature outside as it was inside.

And since we, unlike Joe, don’t get to hide in our air-conditioned offices during the daytime, we have to find more creative ways to beat the heat.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed the pool.
The Pool

On Thursday, we made our way to Fun City in Cannes La Bocca. It’s an indoor, air-conditioned playground.
Fun City

We are still in the midst of the canicule, but we actually had a bit of cool air when we opened up the house this morning. Phew!

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Sophia’s Really Tiny Pool

Tuesday, 29. July 2008 14:23

Sophia in the Pool

I knew the pool was small when she insisted on the Finding Nemo one, but I didn’t realize that it’s not much bigger than our baby bathtub. You’d think that I’d be able to do the conversion from centimeters to inches by now!

Sophia in the Pool

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