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Old Post: Chasing Van Gogh

Sunday, 14. December 2008 12:52

My last post from our trip to Provence….

Van Gogh came to Arles in February 1888 in search of southern color and light. In the 15 months that he lived in the area he produced around 300 canvases that some say taught the world to see color in a completely different way than it had been seen before. There is a walking path in the city devoted to locations that became famous subjects of some of his paintings.

Starry Night Over the Rhone

Starry Night over the Rhone by Van Gogh

The Drawbridge at Arles
Van Gogh Bridge in Arles, France

The Bridge at Arles

Our most spectacular encounter with Vincent Van Gogh came at the Cathedrale d’Images near Les Baux de Provence. This is an old rock quarry that has been turned into an audio-visual art installation. They project images and films all over the walls, ceilings and floors of the location and have music playing throughout.

They change the theme every year and for 2008 it has been Van Gogh. They juxtaposed photography inspired by some of his paintings with early sketches and the finished artwork. It felt like we were walking in his art and could get just a glimpse of what he saw.

Cathédrale des Images - Van Gogh exhibit

The Cathedrale d’Images was a truly impressive experience that I would highly recommend. The Van Gogh show runs through January 4, 2009 and the new theme should start sometime in late February.

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Old Post: Les Baux de Provence and Abbaye de Montmajour

Saturday, 13. December 2008 20:22

From our trip to Provence back in February….

From Arles, we drove out to Les Baux de Provence, a fortified village and ruined château.

Les Baux de Provence

In the photo above, you can see the village in the center and what’s left of the château is part of the rock formation in the upper left corner.

Les Baux is another village that is closed to vehicle traffic. There are a couple of restaurants and a print museum. Entrance to the château also includes a display of medieval war machines throughout the grounds.

The Chateau at Les Baux de Provence

Much of the château was carved from the rocks. Since most of it is now in ruins, it struck me how mankinds’ creations all go back to nature. I was also amazed at how much of it was open to exploration. There were quite a few stairs that I decided not to go up with Julien and that would have been completely off limits if this monument was in the US!

From Les Baux de Provence, we made our way to the Abbaye de Montmajour which was founded in 948 AD and displays architecture from the 12th to 15th centuries.
Abbaye de Montmajour

Cloisters at Abbaye de Montmajour

The buildings served as a stone quarry after the French Revolution.
Abbaye de Montmajour

And it has a cemetery hewn from the rock.
Abbaye de Montmajour

Abbaye de Montmajour

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Pont du Gard

Saturday, 9. August 2008 10:43

Pont du Gard, originally uploaded by emorris1.

Sophia, having defeated Mothra, pauses for a victory photo in front of the Pont du Gard in Provence, France.

The Pont du Gard is a Roman aqueduct built between AD 38 and AD 52 to bring water from a spring near Uzès to Nîmes. It is 48 meters (157 feet) high.

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