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Tour de France: Stage 2 – Monaco to Brignoles

Sunday, 12. July 2009 14:03

I didn’t get around to writing this post before we took a quick trip to Rome, but I wanted to document it on the blog anyways.

I picked up Joe’s Dad, Rick, and his wife, Leslie, from the airport last Sunday and we gave them the VIP Tour de France treatment. OK, not really, but after a quick stop at the house to drop off the bags and pick up our picnic lunch, we joined friends who had already staked out an area along the route.

No sooner had we arrived, than the publicity caravan came through the area.

Tour de France: Stage 2

We soon found that the best way to get all the loot that the caravan throws out is to have all of the cute kids in the front (although, admittedly, this is not their best shot. I think it was time for lunch.)

Tour de France: Stage 2

We also learned that the gendarmerie moves their officers along the race route via helicopter. Their landing pad was in the field right behind our spot. The kids were thrilled!

Tour de France: Stage 2

And then the racers came by so fast that I couldn’t get a picture that was in focus.

Tour de France: Stage 2

But, fortunately, Joe was in a better spot with a better camera.

Tour de France: Stage 2

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Les Vacances: Day 5

Monday, 27. April 2009 12:43

Last Friday found us on a picnic in Sophia Antipolis. We met up with friends and the kids had a great time riding bicycles, playing in the playground, and burying each other in the sand of the beach volleyball pit.


Julien spent the afternoon either wandering after his sister or stealing food from everyone. I’m amazed that this kid isn’t huge considering all the food that he puts away.

Julien Stealing Food

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Overheard – Going on a Picnic

Monday, 14. July 2008 12:49

Joe is walking ahead with Julien to find a picnic table. Sophia and I are lagging behind.

Sophia: Need to find a big seat for Dad. Need to find a big seat for Mom. Need to find a small seat for Sophia.

Me: That’s right. You need a small seat because you have a small butt.

Sophia: Yeah, Sophia’s got a small butt.

Me, whispering: And Dad needs a big seat because Dad’s got a big butt.

Sophia: Yeah, Dad’s got a big butt.

Joe doesn’t hear her. He is too far ahead.

Sophia: And Mom’s got a really, big butt!

So, that didn’t work out quite the way I had planned it…..

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