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Going Away Party

Wednesday, 21. October 2009 21:23

Kavi and Don hosted a Going Away party for us on Sunday afternoon. We had a lovely time and will miss them all.

Vincent was our photographer for the day so I will share a few photos that he took for us:

Going Away Party - Julien

Going Away Party - Joe & Julien

Going Away Party - The Adults

Going Away Party - The Kids

I’m sure you can imagine how long it took to get a photo with all of those kids in it!

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The Party

Friday, 10. April 2009 11:38

Sophia’s birthday party was on Wednesday. It was actually the first time that we’ve ever invited kids over for a party. In the past we just kept it to family. But this year she was getting really excited for her birthday and it fell on a day that the kids were off of school, so I decided to invite a small group over. I was pretty nervous, really, to be hosting the 4-8-year old crowd. I’ve had enough parties for adults that I don’t worry about it — Can I fix you a drink? — but adults are a bit better about entertaining themselves.

So with a bit of apprehension, and far too much time on the Martha Stewart website, this is what I came up with:

Party Hats

We started out by having the kids make their own party hats. This craft was quite a hit! The other moms helped the kids with this and they had a really good time. Sophia’s is the blue one in the front.

We also did a Musical Hoop game (most of my pictures are from later in the party because I couldn’t find the camera — bummer). This one didn’t go down so well. I had been trying to find non-competitive games because Sophia was actually one of the younger kids at the party. I didn’t want to have games where she didn’t stand much of a chance at winning. The premise of the game is that you remove a hoop at each round, but the kids still have to find a hoop to get in, even if someone else is in it. The end result is one hoop with all the kids trying to fit in! The game produced the desired result with kids helping each other stay in and falling down and lots of laughter, but a couple of the kids were used to the competitive version and weren’t too keen on this one. Sophia also melted down at this point because she was hungry, so she didn’t end up playing anyways.

Then it was on to the cupcakes!


And the Rice Krispie Treat Cake!

Rice Krispie Cake

I had been so excited about the Rice Krispie cake. I’d never actually made Rice Krispie Treats before and had decided to do it because I have a friend and her son who are vegetarian and don’t eat egg. They couldn’t eat the cupcakes (only the frosting), and when I realized that marshmallows don’t have any egg I decided to go ahead and make it. When I told her about it she said, “Really? They don’t have any egg. That’s great. Do they have gelatin?” Drat! I had completely forgotten to look for gelatin. So, they weren’t able to eat it after all. I then learned that Rice Krispie treats must be a distinctly American thing because none of the kids would touch it! By the end of the day we still had three-quarters of that cake left and I think Joe and I accounted for at least half of what had been eaten!

I packed up half of it for Joe to take to work the next day. He made a comment about not having to send an email saying who had brought the treats since he figured that his coworkers would take one look at the cake and know it was from him. Apparently, if it’s something they don’t recognize they quickly realize that it must be an American thing from Joe. His coworkers did eat it and couldn’t quite understand the appeal of eating cereal like that. Oh well!

Overall, I think that the party was a success. Sophia certainly had a good time and that’s what counts.

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