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Overheard: Aim High

Monday, 30. November 2009 0:55

We are purchasing a new mattress, but need our phone numbers in order to arrange delivery the following week. Since we just got new phone numbers and don’t know them by heart yet, Joe is running back to the car to get our number while I wait with the salesperson.

Salesperson: So, you just moved back from France, huh? Welcome back to the United States!

Me: Thank you.

Salesperson, a look of panic striking her face: Wait….France isn’t in the United States is it?

Me: No.

Salesperson: Whew. Well, welcome back to the United States.

Me: Thank you.

Salesperson: So, do you speak French?

Me: Yes.

Salesperson: I’ve always wanted to speak a second language. Did you speak French before you moved there?

Me: Well, I took it in high school, but had forgotten a lot of it.

Salesperson: I wish I knew another language besides English. I’d really like to learn Australian.

And to that I really had no response.

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Overheard: The Alphabet

Saturday, 25. July 2009 21:25

Julien points to a letter and says, “S!” I am amazed to find that he is actually pointing to a letter S. It starts to dawn on me that my kid could be a SuperGenious when I am jerked back into reality as he points to an F and says, “S!” and then to a T and says “S!” I then realize that, no, he isn’t a SuperGenious, he’s just been listening to his sister who constantly points out her letter — the letter S.


We are driving to Turin. Eilene and I are in the front seat, Sophia and Julien are in the back. From the back seat we hear Sophia singing.

Sophia: A – B – C – D – E – F – D

Julien: S!

Sophia: Q – R – S – A – B little T

Julien: S!

Sophia: Now I know my A – B little C’s. Next time won’t

Julien: S!

Sophia: you sing with me! (pause) A – B – C – D

Julien: S!

Sophia: babyJulien! You don’t say “S!”

Julien: S!

And so on, and so forth, for more kilometers than I could count.

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Overheard: The Bike Race

Tuesday, 7. July 2009 15:06

I was getting Sophia ready for our trip into Monaco last Saturday and trying to get her excited for what was sure to be a long day.

Me: We’re going to take the train to Monaco to watch a bike race. Won’t that be fun?

Sophia: Yeah! Why are they racing?

Me: Well, they want to see who is the fastest. So they are going to be riding their bikes really fast.

Sophia: As fast as Dad?

Me: I think they’ll be riding even faster than Dad.

Sophia: No. They can’t go faster than Dad.

I tried to convince her otherwise, but she was pretty adamant that no one could ride their bikes faster than her Dad.

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Overheard: Ice Cream

Saturday, 30. May 2009 15:20

I am putting the laundry out on the line to dry when Sophia comes out to me, eyes wide.

Sophia: Look what Dad gave me!!!

She is holding an ice cream cone. It is not even lunch time, yet.

Me: Dad gave you an ice cream cone. That was very nice of him.

Sophia: Yes, and its chocolate!

Julien comes out, also with an ice cream cone.

Julien: Dad!

He continues to eat his ice cream cone, pausing occasionally to say:

Julien: Dad!

Me, to Joe: What, are you trying to butter up the kids for something?

Joe: Yep, I m the nice parent, aren t I?

Sophia: YES!

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Overheard: Mother’s Day

Sunday, 10. May 2009 13:36

Joe walked in from work one day last week to find a stack of cards ready to be mailed to the US.

Joe: What are all of the cards for?

Me: Mother’s Day.

Joe: When’s Mother’s Day?

Me: Sunday. They’re going to be a little late.

Joe, a look of panic crossing his face: Sunday!?! Where? France or the US?

Me: The US.

Joe: Whew!

As you can tell, we won’t be celebrating Mother’s Day with the US, but with France (June 7th, dear). I hope all my Mom friends and family in the US have a lovely Mother’s Day (and if you’re expecting a card from us it should be there some time next week, I think. Sorry!).

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Overheard: The Easter Basket

Monday, 27. April 2009 12:51

Sophia finished the last chocolate egg in her Easter basket last week.

Sophia: Mom, I just finished my last chocolate. More chocolate in my Easter basket, please!

Me: Well, you’ll have to wait until next year.

Sophia: No, I said please!

Me: Yes, thank you for saying “please,” but the Easter bunny only comes once a year. You have to wait until next Easter before you get more chocolate in your Easter basket.

Sophia: But why?

Me: Because Easter only comes once a year.

Sophia: But why?

Me: Because at Easter we celebrate the arrival of Spring and that’s only once a year. (Note: we’re going with the Spring celebration this year. We’ll save Resurrection for when they’re older.)

Sophia: But why?

Me: Well, the next season is Summer. And then we have Fall and Winter before Spring comes again.

Sophia; But why?

And so on……

And so forth……

Until my head exploded.

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Overheard: The Reprimand

Wednesday, 11. February 2009 17:33

Julien had just hit the button on the heater.

Me: Julien, no! Don’t touch!

Behind me, I hear Sophia chime in: If you do that one more time, babyJulien, you’re going to your bed!

Think she’s heard that one a few times?

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Overheard – Papillon s’est envolé

Tuesday, 5. August 2008 14:32

Papillon s’est envolé. Butterfly flew away.


Papillon in this case is a doudou, a special toy that is similar to a security blanket. He flew out the car window on the way to the crêche a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, Joe was able to turn around and get him back.

I am also thankful that Papillon can go in the washing machine because he was pretty dirty after that little incident.

Sophia and I took him down off the clothesline and the following conversation ensued:

Sophia: Papillon! You don’t want to do that again. That was no good.

Papillon (also Sophia): No.

Sophia: No.

Papillon: Yes!

Sophia: No! No! No!

Papillon: Yes! Yes! Yes!

I love that she’s starting to show her imagination (and find it incredibly funny that her doudou was arguing with her). The other day she found a little lamb stuffed animal and told me that the lamb had lost its mommy and was very sad. It was past bedtime so I told her that she could keep the lamb company for the night and that we’d find its mommy in the morning. She comforted the lamb and in the morning we reunited the whole lamb family. They were quite happy to see each other.

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Overheard – Day Trip

Tuesday, 24. June 2008 15:39

We are in the car. I am driving. We are running late.

Joe: I forgot Sophia’s hat. Did you bring her hat?

Me: I’ve got her hat. I’ve got a hat for Julien. I’ve got sunscreen for everyone, a change of clothes for the kids. I’ve got jackets, just in case we need them. Plus, I’ve got food for Julien and snacks for us in case we get hungry in the car.

Joe: I brought the frisbee.

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