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Sophia’s View: The Tour de France

Monday, 6. July 2009 15:18

I let Sophia use my camera a few times while we were at the Tour de France on Saturday. I didn’t bring hers along because I was already feeling a bit like a pack mule. Just thought I’d share the 4-year-old’s view of the Tour.

Taken by Sophia

Taken by Sophia

Taken by Sophia

Taken by Sophia

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Tour de France: Monaco Prologue

Monday, 6. July 2009 15:09

We took the train into Monaco on Saturday for the Prologue time trial for the Tour de France.

Le Grand Depart.
Tour de France Prologue

Lance! In front of the Casino de Monte-Carlo.
Tour de France Prologue

Levi Leipheimer
Tour de France Prologue

George Hincapie
Tour de France Prologue

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Friday, 6. February 2009 12:03

Where have I been???

Well, first, I survived a week and a half on my own with the kids while Joe was in India. He’s actually been back for two weeks, but I don’t like to post that he’s gone because I don’t know who all reads this blog. We did pretty well, but its definitely much nicer when he’s here.

Joe survived a week and a half in India with no luggage. His suitcase decided to stay in London for a week before they found my name on it and gave me a call. When I told the guy that we had thought the bag was a lost cause he said, “Oh, a week is nothing in airline time.” Good to know. Joe’s bag made it home two days before he did — I think that’s a first.

The kids and I spent last week being ill. Joe spent last Saturday eying us warily as though our only purpose was to make him ill, too. He ran the Course du Soleil from Nice to Monaco on Sunday, but we couldn’t make it. I was bummed because I was hoping to get a photo of him running, not just his legs!

By Tuesday, Joe had also succumbed to the virus that had taken the rest of us out and given Julien a double ear infection. He spent most of this week at home, unable to work.

That’s our last couple of weeks in a nutshell. I’m hoping that we’ll all be healthy soon, and in the meantime I will leave you with a couple of pictures from a recent day trip to Monaco.

Julien & Sophia


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