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That’s gotta hurt!

Friday, 26. June 2009 10:31

What Is a Comminuted Fracture?

A comminuted fracture is a fracture in which the bone involved in the fracture is broken into several pieces. At least three separate pieces of bone must be present for a fracture to be classified as comminuted. This type of fracture often involves crushing or splintering of the bone, and it can occur anywhere along the length of the bone. A comminuted fracture can occur as the result of tremendous force, such as a car accident or a severe fall. (or Rugby!)

What does it look like?

Clavicle X-Ray with Fractured Clavicle Highlighted

Clavicle X-Ray with Fractured Clavicle Highlighted

The x-ray shows the left shoulder with the ribs at the left edge of the picture and the left arm at the right edge of the picture. The red and blue sections are the clavicle and should form a single straight line, not two overlapping pieces with pointy ends.

Any other questions?

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Jeux de Sophia – Rugby

Sunday, 14. June 2009 16:05

I walked onto the field where the rugby games were to take place and briefly wondered if I was in the wrong place. Most of the teams had matching jerseys and were doing group warm ups and drills. I eventually found Joe’s team taking “before” pictures and “tackling” each other for the cameras.

I asked Joe how many games he had to play before he could leave because he also acknowledged that they were going to get their butts kicked.


The real answer for Joe was one. Here, he gets the ball and starts to make a run for it.


Here, he is about to be tackled.


Here is the tackle.


And here Joe is nursing his broken collar bone.

Rugby - Injured

The patient is now resting, uncomfortably, in our bed propped up on a ton of pillows. He’s got a brace around his collar bone and upper back and he’s not supposed to move it for a month. The kids did get to witness Dad’s injury, but since he’s not bloody or anything Sophia keeps asking what’s wrong.

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I Think My Name is Cristina

Tuesday, 9. June 2009 10:40

Shhh. Don’t tell anybody.

Joe works in Sophia-Antipolis. The city is basically an industrial park and every year they sponsor the Jeux de Sophia where the companies can put forth athletes to compete is a range of activities from cross country running to swimming to…. Ultimate Frisbee.

For Ultimate Frisbee, the teams are supposed to have two women on the team and one woman has to be on the field at all times. Joe’s team was having a hard time finding women so he asked me about a month ago if I’d play with them.

Me: Sure.

Joe: Really?!?

Me: Yeah, why not?

Joe usually asks me to do things like run a 10k (I’m not ready for that) or, the latest, to participate in the Raid de Mougins (a 2-day adventure race which I was also not ready for). Since my first response to those requests is generally “No,” I think he was pretty surprised when I said “Yes” this time.

My name is Cristina because, technically, I am supposed to work at Joe’s company in order to participate in the games.

Now, I’ve never played Ultimate Frisbee and I had a vision of tossing the frisbee around, maybe trying to hit something with it. Kind of a frisbee golf–type activity. I did not really picture all the running, lunging and jumping that is involved in this game. I had no idea. I also didn’t picture my whole team switching out after a point was scored because they had replacements, but I had to stay on the field the whole time because I was the only woman on the team.

After our first match, I was certain that I would have to be carried to my car, maybe even driven home, by the time we were done with all four matches. My only saving grace on that one was that the woman on the other team also didn’t have a replacement so she was running around the whole time like I was. That team was pretty good and we ended up losing at the final point.

The second game was much easier. We won it pretty handily.

The third game was even easier since our opponent didn’t show up. For some reason we played amongst ourselves anyways. I was all for sitting down and resting, but instead I tried to take it easy while still playing.

We won the fourth match, too. The tournament continues on Saturday which is unfortunate because I won’t be able to make it (I had made that clear from the beginning — I’ve got a dance rehearsal). Joe’s coworkers are now scrambling to try and find another woman so that they can continue playing.

Joe is also competing in Rugby (because he is insane). I’ll post some pictures from their tournament this Sunday.

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Overheard: Ice Cream

Saturday, 30. May 2009 15:20

I am putting the laundry out on the line to dry when Sophia comes out to me, eyes wide.

Sophia: Look what Dad gave me!!!

She is holding an ice cream cone. It is not even lunch time, yet.

Me: Dad gave you an ice cream cone. That was very nice of him.

Sophia: Yes, and its chocolate!

Julien comes out, also with an ice cream cone.

Julien: Dad!

He continues to eat his ice cream cone, pausing occasionally to say:

Julien: Dad!

Me, to Joe: What, are you trying to butter up the kids for something?

Joe: Yep, I m the nice parent, aren t I?

Sophia: YES!

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Friday, 6. February 2009 12:03

Where have I been???

Well, first, I survived a week and a half on my own with the kids while Joe was in India. He’s actually been back for two weeks, but I don’t like to post that he’s gone because I don’t know who all reads this blog. We did pretty well, but its definitely much nicer when he’s here.

Joe survived a week and a half in India with no luggage. His suitcase decided to stay in London for a week before they found my name on it and gave me a call. When I told the guy that we had thought the bag was a lost cause he said, “Oh, a week is nothing in airline time.” Good to know. Joe’s bag made it home two days before he did — I think that’s a first.

The kids and I spent last week being ill. Joe spent last Saturday eying us warily as though our only purpose was to make him ill, too. He ran the Course du Soleil from Nice to Monaco on Sunday, but we couldn’t make it. I was bummed because I was hoping to get a photo of him running, not just his legs!

By Tuesday, Joe had also succumbed to the virus that had taken the rest of us out and given Julien a double ear infection. He spent most of this week at home, unable to work.

That’s our last couple of weeks in a nutshell. I’m hoping that we’ll all be healthy soon, and in the meantime I will leave you with a couple of pictures from a recent day trip to Monaco.

Julien & Sophia


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