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Tuesday, 4. August 2009 20:37

Don’t go to Turin on a Monday. Everything is closed. Even most of the shops that open on Monday don’t do so until 3:30pm.

I just wanted to warn you.

Otherwise, we had a very nice, quick trip to Turin, Italy last week. We drove up on Sunday and then back on Monday evening.

Highlights of the trip included gelato at Grom and a trip to Turin’s impressive Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum). We also visited the Cattedrale de San Giovanni Battista where the Shroud of Turin is housed. It’s not on display, but they’ve got photographs of it and there is a chapel dedicated to it where the shroud is kept.

Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista

Turin is a Baroque city with lots of large buildings and lots of ornate decoration, it is also where the Slow Food movement started and is known for its chocolate and coffee. You can even pick up a ChocoPass from the tourist office (for a fee) which allows you tastings at 22 different chocolate shops!

Detail of Palazzo Reale Gate

We had a very nice time and I would love to go back.

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Sophia’s View: Rome

Saturday, 18. July 2009 22:54

Once again I handed Sophia my camera a few times while we were visiting Rome. This is what she saw.

Mom at the Colosseum



Palatine Hill

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Saturday, 18. July 2009 22:32

The last time that I visited Rome, I remember throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain and wondering when I would come here again. The legend is that if you throw a coin into the fountain you will return to the city. At the time I couldn’t imagine when that would possibly be, but now I know.

Since the coin-throwing had worked so well for me the last time, it was our first stop on our trip to Rome last week.
Erica at the Trevi Fountain

Joe took this photo on his way to St. Peter’s Basilica.

While he was touring St. Peter’s and the Vatican, I captured Sophia dancing in front of the Colosseum.
Sophia at the Colosseum

And a few other photos: The Pieta by Michelangelo in St. Peter’s.
St. Peter's

The Pantheon.

Julien and I at Palatine Hill.
Erica and Julien at Palatine Hill

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Finale Ligure and Finalborgo

Monday, 11. May 2009 13:18

I love the month of May in France because it has so many holidays! Joe had another three-day weekend this past weekend so on Friday we went on a very brief Italian adventure.

We got up on Friday morning and I asked Joe, “Do you want to go East or West today? East is Finale Ligure (Italy), West is Aix-en-Provence.”

Joe picked Finale, wrote a few emails for work (because it’s not a holiday in India), and we were off.

It was a gorgeous day in France, but somewhere past Nice we went through a tunnel and ended up in fog and cold.

At about that moment I realized that I had left my sweater on the entry table. I had planned to bring it, just in case, oh well, at least I had sweaters for the kids. I had wrapped a scarf around my neck so I just moved it onto my shoulders and hoped that it would suffice.

We missed the turn into Finalborgo (which is near Finale Ligure) and then the next turn came up too quickly and we missed that, too (which is why Joe normally drives and I navigate. He told me to turn as I was passing it.). So we kept driving figuring that we would find a route back sometime soon. The hiking GPS that Joe was using wasn’t a big help and we ended up taking the scenic route back to the autoroute, found out that there was no way onto the autoroute from where we were at and then turned around and backtracked about 10 km. We were also incredibly hungry at this point and couldn’t find any restaurants that were open.

I had told Sophia that we were going on an adventure, but it wasn’t turning into quite the adventure that I had anticipated.

We eventually found a little bar in Finale for lunch. It was past the normal lunch time, but that worked out for us because we didn’t have to worry about the kids disturbing anyone. The woman cooked for the kids first and when she brought out our meal, she said “Mangiare” (or something like that), brought out a soccer ball and played soccer in the bar with Julien so that we could eat.

Ummm, I don’t eat out a lot, but I don’t really see that happening in France. I have, on occasion, had people take Sophia so that I could eat, but never soccer.

In the Bar

We then drove back to Finalborgo and walked through the town. I love the trompe l’oeil painting on the buildings in Italy, and so many in this town had it.

Trompe L'Oeil

While walking through town, we noticed a sign for a walk to the Castel Gavone and decided to take it. The sign had said that the walk was 800 meters, but didn’t mention that it was 800 meters of climbing. Oh well, we got our exercise for the day!

Castle at Finalboro

And were rewarded with this lovely view of the valley that we had driven through earlier.
Valley from the Castle

After our descent, we stopped at a pasticceria for Italian pastries. Yum!
Munching Pastries

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