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Thursday, 12. March 2009 14:40

It turns out that the crêche doesn’t have a guaranteed spot for Julien. He has been moved to “occasional” status meaning that they will fit him in when they have room. They will try and get him in at least once a week, but I won’t know from one week to the next which day that will be. They may also call me when someone else calls in to say that their child won’t be there that day.

I’ll take what I can get, of course. Since I don’t work, he doesn’t have priority which I understand and is how it should be. Still, it would be nice, for both of us, to have a more set schedule. I may ask to see if there’s room at a different crêche in town.

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Impeccable, or Whew!

Wednesday, 4. March 2009 20:23

Impeccable! Impeccable! (Did you think it would mean something else?)

Julien started his adaptation at the crêche this week, and I really had no idea how he would react to it. I remember when I was doing the adaptation with Sophia at the halte garderie and the caregivers there told me that first-born children had a harder time because they weren’t accustomed to playing with other children. They also said that boys tended to have a harder time than girls.

So Julien and I went to the crêche together on Monday and played for a bit. On Tuesday I thought that I’d be staying with him for a while, but instead they told me to drop him off and then come back in 45 minutes. Today was the first day that he ate lunch with his new copains (friends).

Each time that I’ve come back for him they’ve told me that he was “Impeccable!” which has been very nice to hear. No crying on his part. In fact, there was another little boy doing his adaptation who cried a great deal. They were a bit concerned that he would cause Julien to cry as well. Instead, one of the caregivers told me that Julien looked at him a bit funny and then carried on as if to say, “Tant pis pour toi.” (Too bad for you.) And today they marveled that he had eaten everything that they put in front of him for lunch. A far cry from when I used to pick Sophia up and they’d tell me, “She ate very little, but she did eat all of the dessert.”

So I’m hoping that this trend continues and I’m really looking forward to a morning by myself in a couple of weeks!

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Good News!

Wednesday, 18. February 2009 11:20


Julien will be going to the crêche two mornings a week starting in March. I’m excited because he’ll be able to play with other kids his age in a French-speaking environment. And since I know that you don’t believe that I’m really excited for him and not for me…..I’ll just remind you that between the time he gets dropped off and picked up I have about enough time to take the dog for a nice walk and take a shower — not a whole lot.

Having said that, though, Julien will be eating at the crêche so if I’m really lucky, he will fall asleep as soon as he gets home and then sleep for a couple of hours.

That would be lovely!

I put him on the list for the crêche last year and was told at the time that the new crêche wouldn’t welcome babies until January so that I would have to wait. Then January came and went with no news so I made an appointment to talk to the directrice again.

If this were the US and I hadn’t received a call it would normally mean that there was no room for him. But in France it just means that they haven’t called or that they haven’t looked at their list in a while — I sometimes wonder why these people have answering machines or waiting lists because they rarely call back.

So I walked in, the directrice seemed a little embarrassed that she hadn’t called me back. She picked up the phone to a different crêche and immediately offered me Monday and Thursday mornings, did that work for me?

You bet! Can’t wait!

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