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The Christmas Tree

Monday, 7. December 2009 19:00

I was informed in the morning that I was outnumbered, we would be getting a Noble Fir tree for Christmas. Joe referred to my preferred tree (a Douglas Fir) as a Christmas Bush, not a real Christmas tree.

As Joe and Ali proclaimed fond memories of Christmas’ past decorating their Noble Fir tree, I decided to just accept my fate. (My fond memories of Christmas involved inserting the artificial tree branches into the center steel pole of the tree — my brother was allergic to pine.) So off we went to Santa’s Tree Farm in Half Moon Bay to cut down our tree.

Xmas Tree Hunting

There were several choruses of “we’re hungry” before we found our tree.

Me to Sophia: Tell your Dad that you really like this tree so we can get out of here.

The kids were fascinated by the whole process.
Xmas Tree Hunting

Here are Joe and Ali cutting down the tree.
Xmas Tree Hunting

And me holding the tree while Joe cuts the last bit of the trunk.
Xmas Tree Hunting

We actually ended up with a Concolor Fir, not a Noble Fir. It seems like a pretty good compromise to me. Here are the kids in front of the final product.
In Front of the Tree

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In Case You Were Wondering…

Thursday, 11. December 2008 17:33

It is possible to leave the house at 6:20pm on a Wednesday and still get a Christmas tree.

Although we learned while we were at the garden store that they receive new trees on Thursdays and that they were out of the size that we wanted. We ended up choosing a slightly smaller tree which is OK, but Joe and I are both used to getting the biggest tree that will fit in the house so it’s a little disconcerting to have a tree that’s only just taller than I am!

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Sometimes We Forget We Live in France

Tuesday, 9. December 2008 10:00

Like Sunday night when we piled everyone into the car at 6:30pm thinking that there was a possibility that we would be able to get a Christmas tree.

There wasn’t.

Now if we had been in California, we would have had several options as to where to pick up this tree, but we live in France. Most stores are closed on Sundays here. You can usually find a bakery and maybe a grocery store open in the morning, but that’s about it. As Christmas draws nearer, some store will open “exceptionally” on Sundays, but even those would normally be closed by 7pm. I don’t know what we were thinking!

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