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Carnaval de Nice

Monday, 2. March 2009 18:00

We went to the Carnaval de Nice on Saturday afternoon for a Bataille de Fleurs (flower parade). The Carnaval celebration has been going on for a few weeks and, strangely, ended yesterday. I say strangely because Carnaval celebrations normally should end on the Tuesday before Lent starts, but that would have been last week. Go figure.

Anyways, a few pics:
Carnaval de Nice

Carnaval de Nice

Throughout the parade, the people on the floats throw out branches of mimosa to the crowd. I don’t know that we even caught any, but the crowds seem to make certain that everyone has some…
Sophia at the Carnaval de Nice

My old floater friends will appreciate that once the people on the floats ran out of mimosa, they just started throwing the flowers that decorated the floats. By the second pass of the parade, the floats were looking like this:
Carnaval de Nice

On a different note, I am still tweaking my new blog look. My Mom is in town at the moment, though, so it should take a while!

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Tuesday, 10. February 2009 18:16


Our town had a Carnaval celebration last Sunday complete with rides, games, a parade and lots of confetti. We took a tour through all the rides and then Sophia dressed up in her Sleeping Beauty dress for the parade.

While we were lining up to watch the parade, my neighbor told me that we could put Sophia up on one of the floats if she was interested. “Just act French and put her up of the float,” she told me.

In other words, just act like you know what you’re doing and don’t ask questions. If no one stops you then you’re fine.

I’m so not French.

We got to the back of the truck and found that there were other kids waiting around. It turned out that one of them didn’t have a costume and the woman wasn’t going to let them on unless they had a costume. Once that was all settled, I did go ahead and ask, “Is there room for her?” Fortunately, the answer was yes.

I’m not sure if she had a whole lot of fun on the float, but she definitely wanted to be there and dutifully dropped the confetti on the street in front of her!


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