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How Cute Is He?

Monday, 25. May 2009 14:48

Doudou, originally uploaded by emorris1.

Here’s my latest knitting project — a doudou.

I know at least seven women who have recently had babies or are pregnant, and while I can’t promise them all doudous, I’ve already started on his pink friend!

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Les Vacances: Day 8

Thursday, 30. April 2009 13:25

We got out the paints yesterday, cut up some fruits and vegetables, and the kids went to town. We used tomatoes, potatoes, lemons and onions to make our artwork.

Produce Painting

Potato Painting

And once they were bored of the produce, they moved on to just painting with brushes.


I think that I bring out the paints just often enough to remind myself why I don’t bring them out very often. The kids had a great time painting, but I spent the whole time in a panic that they’d paint something that they weren’t supposed to! Fortunately, the house escaped unscathed, but I don’t think that I can say the same for Julien’s shirt. Oh well, he’s growing out of it anyways. (And Joe, I made sure that you had two of the 2007 Jeux de Sophia T-shirts before I gave one to Julien!)

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