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Monday, 4. September 2006 13:56

I received an unexpected gift in the mail today and have now added Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless to my cookbook shelf. It looks awesome and I now have to decide what I’m cooking first. Hmmm, Tomatillo-sauced Enchiladas or a Classic Tortilla Soup. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. And, the best part is that it’s got all sorts of substitutions like how to use crème fraîche if you don’t have sour cream.

In the meantime, Joe is in the US eating the real thing and I’m incredibly jealous. Also jealous, of course, that he gets to visit with some close friends and family while he’s there.


I promise that this will be my last post about La Rentrée, but it’s just so new to me that I’m having a hard time getting over it.

They started construction in July on one of the main roads that Joe takes to work. They usually have a temporary traffic signal set up because they close one lane of traffic during the day. For the whole month of August they had pushed the barricades to the side of the road and there was no signal. But today they’re back at work. Cracks me up!


Sophia started at the Halte Garderie (basically a nursery) last week. They’ve got a program where you gradually leave your child with them. So for the first day, she and I went for an hour. The second day we were together for a half hour and then I left her there for a half hour. Tomorrow, I leave her for an hour. And then on Thursday she’s there for her normal three hours on her own. She’ll be going there 2 mornings a week, and I’m incredibly excited. What am I going to do with a whole 6 hours a week to myself? Study French!

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Cinq de Mai

Friday, 5. May 2006 15:17

Cinq de Mai. Fifth of May. Cinco de Mayo.

Joe and I are continuing our quest to find decent Mexican food here on the Côte d’Azur, and we figured what better day than Cinco de Mayo to test out a new restaurant. I mean, how can we pass by a Cinco de Mayo without a margarita?

So, we found Poco Loco in Nice and I called to make a reservation. I did think that it was a bit strange that I could call a Mexican restaurant at 6:30pm on Cinco de Mayo and get a reservation, but I figured that it’s just not a holiday that they celebrate in France being so far removed from Mexico, right?

Actually, it’s probably not celebrated in France because the Battle of Puebla victory that Cinco de Mayo commemmorates was a battle fought against the French! Good to know. We are now very glad that we didn’t make any references to it while we were at the restaurant.

The margaritas were pretty good (and we found out that Joe is now a lightweight when it comes to drinking), but the rest of the food was just OK. Joe had a burrito and I had enchiladas. Those were fine, but the rice and beans accompanying them were a bit off. Oh well, I think we’ll keep looking for other Mexican restaurants before we go back.

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Viva Monte Carlo

Saturday, 3. December 2005 20:19

Daammmnnnn! Before I head to Monaco again, I’ll need to brush up on my knowledge of luxury automobiles. I have never seen so many Bentleys and Ferraris in one place in my life. The front of the Casino Monte Carlo has a parking lot just full of any number of wildly expensive cars. And of course, there are shops for any luxury brand that you could possibly want. I made sure to point out to Joe what I wanted for Christmas from Van Cleef & Arpels.

We took a quick tour inside the casino. No babies allowed, so we had to take turns going in. We didn’t spend the 10 euros to actually go into the gaming area, I guess that will be another trip.

No rain today, so we got to walk around Monte Carlo, and then up to the vieux rocher where the chateau and cathedral can be found.

For dinner we found a TexMex restaurant. Joe and I haven’t had Mexican food since September so we thought we’d give it a shot. So here we are, Americans in Monaco eating TexMex, our waitress was Romanian who spoke perfect English and French, and the menu had the regular spanish names for the dishes but with French descriptions.

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